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My name is Gandl - Stephan Gandl!

WHY—Why were we contacted?

Like many other brands, Aston Martin’s global brand communication department decided to rejuvenate its brand with an aggressive and stylish campaign to appeal to tomorrow’s customers. What is certainly correct in principle, however, only helped the trade to a limited extent when it came to addressing their regular customers and core target group emotionally. What was needed, therefore, was a target group-compliant content format that served as a digital communication and promotion tool for retailers. That’s where Jerry Digital came in. We were allowed to combine and contribute our sports, brand and technology know-how.

HOW—How did we proceed?

Due to budgetary constraints, we decided on a multifunctional trailer that combines the two worlds of Aston Martin "sportiness" and "precision". Hardly any other sport conveys these values better than golf. And because it was also a question of conveying these core messages in an entertaining way, we needed an appropriate protagonist and an authentic story. With golf professional Stephan Gandl, we found the perfect cast from our network. The former tour player and one of the scene’s best trick golfers combines the sports and business worlds like no other, making him the perfect ambassador for the core target group. And because Stephan also makes a good dresser, the story was clear: "My name is Gandl - Stephan Gandl!

WHAT—What has come out of it?

In just one day of shooting with minimal production effort, an emotional trailer was created that is used multifunctionally: In retail, in golf clubs, at golf events, for direct digital addressing of customers and, of course, target-oriented via social channels.
From our point of view a case that demonstrates the efficiency and bundling of Jerry Digital’s three areas of expertise.






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