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Back to the roots

WHY—Why were we the right ones?

For sports students there was and still is a very attractive job provider: cip marketing GmbH. We were part of the cip team at that time and were able to accompany numerous trade and event marketing measures for major sports brands such as Adidas, Salomon, Reebok and Co. Because we always remain somehow connected to each other in the sports family and because we still know the demands on the cip agency business, we were allowed to develop an upgrade for the outdated web-based cip ERP system, which no longer met the current agency requirements in terms of complex user interfaces, mobile use and long loading times.

HOW—How did we proceed?

The first step was to create an assessment of the existing ERP system. The neutral assessment showed that the existing functionality, the planned improvements and the desired performance boost could not be achieved with the existing legacy system. Even established ERP systems would not be able to solve this “out of the box”. For this reason, the decision was made to develop a completely new system.
In advance, we created a state-of-the-art prototype. This demonstrated the smooth display of large amounts of data, rapid complex data queries and real-time updates in an attractive user interface.
To optimally support cip’s work processes, we chose an agile project management methodology with a sprint-based module-by-module implementation. Our agile development team consists of full-stack developers who work simultaneously on the front- and back-end implementation of new functions. We offer flexible team sizes to be able to react efficiently and resource-saving to peak and down times in the development process. An integrated core team of project managers, software architects and developers allows us to react quickly to new customer requirements.

WHAT—What is the product?

Jerry Digital developed a custom system that is already in operation for individual customers and regions and is about to be rolled out in general. It can be used to fully manage all processes in the areas of human resources, project management, schedule coordination, finance, POS/event promotions, etc. In addition to the desktop application, an Ionic-based Progressive Web App (PWA) was created for external employees (brand ambassadors). About the technology: Based on Node.js, an API and a service-centric modular backend was created. We used Angular as a comprehensive front-end framework for the various applications. With Material Design a widely used design system was chosen for the user interface of the ERP system.




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