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WHY – What challenged us?

As part of our mandate for BMW i Motorsport, we were responsible for partnership management in Formula E, among other things. This included the task and our own requirement to provide the team partners (sponsors) with the greatest possible added value throughout the season - and this at a time when, due to the pandemic, live events were either not possible at all or only possible to a very limited extent.
The task was to develop an adequate and location-independent communication platform that not only transports a unique live experience, but also offers the opportunity for networking and interaction - all based on state-of-the-art technical and content standards. In addition, the platform should also be available for partners to share their own messages and exchange information with each other.

HOW – How did we think?

To meet the expectations of one of the most innovative companies in the world and true to our philosophy, we assembled a team of experts from the fields of “communication” and “technology” and worked together with BMW, with which we could not only offer partners the opportunity to meet spatially, but at the same time present them with content that could not be depicted at all in real life. It was also important to us that the resulting communication platform could be used synergistically and in a scalable manner for other areas of application and occasions, as well as via all digital end devices, i.e. even without VR glasses.

To ensure quality, stability, performance and data security, we implemented the concept with ENGAGE, the market leader for interactive and multi-user VR platform solutions, Pico, the leading B2B VR hardware producer as well as govar GmbH, our premium partner for 3D modeling and VR implementation. We Are Jerry was responsible for the entire project management and partner communication in addition to content conception and editing.

WHAT – What fascinated the BMW partners?

As a result, we were allowed to implement three spectacular VR sessions, each with up to 50 people from all over the world. Embedded in the "3i Masterclass Series" (Inform - Inspire - Interact) designed by us, unique live experiences were made possible for the partners via virtual reality, including:

  • Virtual BMW i Motorsport Garage tours with the BMW drivers and X-Ray insights into the interior of the Formula E bolides.
  • World’s first product presentation of the BMW iX in VR
  • Under the motto "New Dimensions": A space mission to the ISS together with US astronaut Steven Swanson
  • Live racing feeling as a co-driver in the BMW i8 Safety Car around the Monaco street circuit as part of a spectacular 360-degree lap

Each VR session was rounded off with a get-together on a futuristic roof-top bar.

All in all, we succeeded in implementing an innovative hospitality approach that is a perfect extension of live events, not only in times of Corona.

We would like to thank the BMW Group for their trust and the partners for the extraordinarily positive feedback.





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