Character Design & Real-Time Video Production

Felix Neureuther’s Beweg dich schlau! Video clips for our youngest

Felix Fauli - Gets our kids moving

WHY – Why do our kids move less and less?

Because the role models for this are also becoming fewer and fewer! We wanted to change that together with Felix Neureuther! With his foundation and the program "Beweg dich schlau! (BDS) to get children and young people moving more again. And kids can’t start early enough. To achieve this, we have developed a video format for kindergartens and elementary schools that encourages children to get moving in an entertaining and up-to-date way.

HOW - How do we address the kids in an age-appropriate way?

With a role model they love, the sloth FELIX FAULI, whom we developed as a consistent mascot for the BDS program. Felix Fauli is, so to speak, the child-friendly virtual character of the real Felix. User’s goal was to get the two of them interacting with each other, and to encourage kids to copy fun movement exercises in a childlike way. With the help of motion capturing, we brought the digital 3D Fauli to life and sent him into various virtual worlds together with the real Felix - also to show where and how we can experience the joy of movement everywhere. In this way, it was possible to produce a format in which our virtual character could interact with Felix in real time. But all this only works through a perfect interaction of real-time rendering machines, motion tracking artists, high-quality greenscreen setup and of course a first-class Fauli actress, whose voice, movement and grimaces are essential for a perfect virtual Fauli.

WHAT – What were we allowed to hand over to the kids?

The result was a series of 15 entertaining Felix Fauli exercise videos for kindergarten and primary school children, which are in accordance with the cognitive-coordinative abilities of the different age groups. These now serve as a contemporary and effective tool for educators and teachers to inspire their kids to have fun with movement on a daily basis.




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