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Karsten &
Thomas &
Dieter =

Karsten Streng

  • has over 20 years’ experience in sports marketing
  • combines communication and management expertise
  • advises companies, sports personalities and agencies
  • specializes in clear brand management with an emphasis on trust
  • develops communications strategies and concepts
  • is deeply embedded in the motorsports, endurance sports and golf scene

Thomas Wagner

  • working in the sports business for over 15 years
  • a shrewd analyst with a keen sense of what’s essential
  • places the greatest value on effectiveness and efficiency
  • designs, plans and successfully implements strategies
  • thinks and acts with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • knows every aspect of the football world

Dieter Thoma

  • competed as a top-level ski jumper for 15 years
  • working as a winter sports analyst for TV since the year 2000
  • has over 30 years’ experience as an entrepreneur in the sports and media business
  • wins people over as a visionary consultant and a maverick thinker
  • always puts sporting values first
  • has an almost unrivalled network in winter sports and golf

Why Jerry?

We want to stir up the sports business and
create a radical alternative to conventional agencies.

That’s Jerry’s raison d’être. Jerry is someone who sees you as a partner, who asks critical questions and who will take you down new paths.

The true story that inspired us.

In 1996 the blockbuster film Jerry Maguire hit the cinemas. It’s based on
the life story of sports agent Leigh Steinberg, played in the film by Tom
Cruise in the role of Jerry Maguire. Jerry is at odds with the lack of
honesty and humanity in his industry. When he goes public with his
criticism, he is fired from a major sports management agency and
embarks on an independent career. He lives by his convictions and
adopts an entirely new approach – friendly, human and very personal.
We believe in doing business this way too, which is why we proudly call
ourselves Jerry.

What does Jerry do?

Jerry forms, strengthens and cultivates relationships based on the emotional resonance of sport.

Relationships between people and brands, companies and employees, project partners, between you and us, between you and me.

Our work is driven by:

What will Jerry deliver?

The Jerry Report

Jerry sees itself as a partner and advisor to decision-makers. Our results are tailored to your needs and always based on facts. By delivering transparent and verifiable results, we aim to help you make the best decisions moving forward.

That’s why we compile and process the results of our work into a concise, verifiable Jerry Report for presentation to all our partners.


We work for prestigious companies and sports personalities from a broad cross-section of industries and sports.

We build bridges to connect these worlds and treat the trust placed in us by our partners as our greatest asset.


Thomas Wagner

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Karsten Streng

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Dieter Thoma

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Wir sind Jerry GmbH

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80798 München

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Strategies & Concepts

We believe in the resonance of sport as a catalyst for companies to develop successfully. This primary goal forms the basis for authentic strategies and concepts that we tailor specifically to our partners.

Expert Assessment & Recommended Actions

We have first-hand experience of the sports business at the highest level and from every perspective; we know the global market and have direct access to relevant opinion leaders and experts. Whether you’re facing strategic, conceptual, legal or media challenges, Jerry will offer sound, neutral advice for your long-term benefit.

Process Optimization &

We’re always asking “why?” This basic principle makes Jerry a provocative and purposeful sparring partner. Focusing on primary goals, we ask the critical questions, build awareness of change management and work hand-in-hand with leaders to develop future-oriented processes.

Rights Evaluation & Negotiation Support

Rights are always worth what the buyer is prepared to pay. Not only do we know the “market prices”, we weigh them up against our partners’ requirements. We provide clear evaluations, present specific alternatives and guide you through all contractual negotiations with compelling arguments.

Analysis & Control Tools

The demands of sports business partnerships are constantly rising. Increasingly they are influenced by marketing, strategic, political and social factors that vary from one company to the next. We will analyze your company and equip you with individually customized tools to help you make goal-oriented decisions on the basis of sound facts.

Activation & Implementation

To maximize the effectiveness of your strategy, it is essential to select and implement activation measures in a purposeful manner. Jerry knows what will work in which environment, and how best to address your specific target group. We will also support you with project control and help you to execute your plans as effectively and efficiently as possible